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Worship: God's Protection

Read Psalm 121

We live out in a rural area of town with lots of trees around us and a good bit of distance between the houses. There is a minimal amount of wildlife activity: deer moving through the backyard, stray dogs roaming around, even an occasional turkey.

One Saturday afternoon we were outside, and a pack of stray dogs were down the road within sight from our front yard. My children had seen these dogs before and became nervous about a possible “house visit.” Honestly, the dogs were nothing to fear, based on my estimation. However, my five-year-old daughter saw the situation quite differently. As my children continued playing in the yard (but now with one eye on the dogs), she cried out, “Daddy, those dogs scare me. Will you keep me safe from them?” What was such a simple question struck my heart with great heaviness. In that moment, God opened my eyes to His working in my life in so many ways. Notice that my daughter did not ask me to make the dogs go away. She did not ask for the source of fear to be removed. Rather, she asked for me to be with her while she was afraid and protect her. What a parallel to the Christian life!

Consider how this relates to the “help” that the psalmist mentions. Do you see the spiritual truth? Here it is: God’s help is often not by removing a trial or difficulty but by providing protection or provision through it.

The Lord did not change his request for Abraham to make a sacrifice. Instead, he provided a ram crowned with thorns.

The Lord did not keep the Egyptians from pursuing the Israelites. Instead, he parted the waters.

The Lord did not kill the giant for David. Instead, he provided stones for the skillful hands of the boy-warrior.

The Lord did not change his mind on the punishment for our sin. Instead, he provided a perfect sacrifice through Jesus, the Christ.

The Lord did not leave us alone after Christ’s ascension. Instead, he gave us the Holy Spirit.

Praise the Lord that we are not alone in this world when faced with trials, but that the Lord is keeping us; and He is actively doing this. The Lord never stops, slumbers, or sleeps.