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Passion: GPS Your Passion

I’ve been on a LOT of road trips lately.  Lots of time in the car… to new places, places I don’t know the way to, so I have GPS! THANK GOD for GPS! 

I used to ride home from College in East TN all the way across the state with one of my best friends, Liz.  She had a convertible and we’d put the top down, pull our hair back and bust it out to whatever music we were feeling that day! Carefree, happy about life, couldn’t wait to get home and visit with family and friends, etc….

The problem: this was BEFORE everyone had a GPS on their phones.  (Yes there was a time before GPS). We’d get so “busy” getting home that more than once, I missed the turn we had to take in Alabama and we’d end up 60 miles in the wrong direction before we even realized something was off…. #FAIL. 

The truth is, sometimes, this is how we are as believers.  We get going, mind in the zone, passionate about the destination of our journey, and we forget to listen to the one who gives the directions all along.  We know the way of the Lord, according to His Word, and sometimes we get so passionate, so zealous about what we believe, that we forget that our call to share it is supposed to be directed by the Holy Spirit. 

There were many times in the Gospel when Jesus did not do something, say something, act on something that some would have considered good and miraculous, because his goal was not to do good and miraculous things.  His goal was to be OBEDIENT to the FATHER. Proverbs 19:2 directs us that “Passion without Wisdom is not good – how much more will hasty feet miss the mark.” Passion is good, we should have it, but we must allow our passion, even for the things of God to be shared, not randomly or hastily, but with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, being sure to only take the turns and detours that HE directs us to! 

Follow hard after Him, but always LISTEN CLOSELY!