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Passion: Break the Odds

“Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.” - Romans 12:11

Who is the most passionate person you know? Who/what are they passionate about? How do you know they are passionate?

One of the most passionate people I know is my friend Josh. He started working with a ministry a few years ago where he built relationships with really poor families in his town. Since working with these people, his passion for the Lord and his passion for social justice has exploded. He went to college and got a degree in nonprofit business management and accounting just so he could make a difference in the lives of people just like the families that he got to know in his town. All of his decisions are guided by how he can make the biggest impact against poverty in this world. He never stops talking about it, he goes to conferences about it, and he is even looking at an opportunity to spend a few years in Cambodia, managing a business that he and some of his peers started.

Now where are all the people like that? It seems like the world is in a serious deficit of passionate people lately. Men too concerned with building their man cave and getting the biggest HDTV they can that they fail to see the poverty all around them. Women so concerned with their self image that they fail to pursue what would really make use of their talents. Elderly people too focused on spoiling their grandchildren to care about children starving in a foreign country. Young people pursuing a career they hate simply because it will make them more money in the long run.

Where are the people who will boldly stand up for what’s right? Where are the people who will pursue the gifts God has given them regardless of how much money it makes? Where are the people who can’t stop talking about God and His children?

YOU can be one of these people. It is these people who truly make an impact in this world. Don’t be lazy. If you are brought down, pray. God will grant you passion as you continue to follow him. There are too many lazy or misguided people for each person pursuing a passion-driven life. Break those odds. Step up. Stand out. Live passionately!