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Preparing for Easter: It Is Finished

John 19:30 When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

The final three words Jesus spoke during his Earthly life carry so much meaning. Think about it from the perspectives of the people present.

The Jewish Leaders – They had been plotting Jesus’ death for a while and His death on the cross was the culmination of all they had worked for. “This false prophet and fake Messiah was finished.” (Luke 22)

The Roman Authority – Jesus’ death on the cross marked the end of the unrest. All of Jerusalem had been in turmoil and it was finished. (John 19 & Luke 23)

The Disciples – Jesus’ death on the cross marked the end of their ministry. They went home, hid in fear, or went back to their old lives because they thought it was finished. (Luke 24 & John 20 & 21)

Satan – Jesus was on Satan’s territory and he wanted Him stopped. Since satan failed to tempt Him, Jesus’ death was the next best thing and God’s plan for saving the people was finished. (Luke 22 & 2 Corinthians 4)

For three days each person thought their perspective was the correct one but on that third day everything changed.

It Is Finished:

These words carried more than an end to Jesus’ earthly life. They were the opening chapter of something new. Something that would change the world. For sin would lose its shackles, death would lose its sting and Satan/hell would be defeated because the grave could not hold the King! You see it was not Jesus that was finished, He was fulfilling prophecy and putting an end to sin’s hold on our lives. You see the truth is, Satan was finished, Death was finished, and Sin was finished. The plans of the enemy were defeated Because Hope had arisen and everyone would have the opportunity to choose life.

Today as you watch the video below. Make sure you are where you need to be with God this Easter Season and if you know someone who is not in a right relationship with God. Share the video with them and invite them to join you at church this Easter Sunday.

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